Six Simple Steps To Restoring Your Natural Hair

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Good news! By reading this blog post, you are one step closer to achieving a healthy and full head of curls. Maybe you have not had time to nurture your hair or you've tried countless times, or you can’t seem to avoid processing your hair.  You are NOT alone.   Many people find it easier to go natural when they are both prepared and patient. 

My first time relaxing my hair was in high school. It was the most difficult time in my hair journey.   My hair required high levels of maintenance and became increasingly costly to maintain in both time and money.  As my hair began to grow, I juggled extreme differences in textures.  It was not until I moved to the East Coast for graduate school that I began to fully embrace my unrelaxed hair’s growth.  It was freeing to live without the pressure to rush to hair salons every few weeks or set aside half-a-day or longer to have my hair treated.   Most importantly, as a graduate student living on a budget, it became much more affordable to manage my hair without heat and chemicals. 

It is important to remember that in caring for your natural hair, it’s often about trial and error. I wish that I had the benefit of the wisdom of other women who successfully made the transition.  With that in mind, I’ve provided six simple steps to restoring your natural hair:

  1. Remember it is all a "mental game."  Hide your hair straightening tools and tell your friends about your new hair goals. Publicity helps!
  2. Behind every great curl pattern there is a nice hair cut/style/trim. A good haircut is essential to your everyday style.  After clipping your dead ends, you may also experience less tangling when combing your fingers through your hair.
  3. Deep condition! This can be as simple as adding 3 tablespoons of olive oil into one cup of conditioner. Leave it in for 30 minutes prior to washing.  There are also many good products available in stores.
  4. Hot oil Treatment: this one is easy. You can measure some of our Treatment Castor oil into a jar or bottle. Place in a bowl filled with hot water or pan so in order to warm your oil. Section your hair into 6 parts and when safe apply oil from root to tip. Braid/twist sectioned hair in order for your hair soak up the oil and increase hydration. 
  5. Cut down on the amount of shampoo you use.  In contrast to the popular belief that shampooing your hair makes it healthier, the less shampoo you use, the less dry your hair will be. You can also dilute your shampoo with water. 
  6. Your nighttime hair routine will be your best friend.  Don't forget to care for your hair even after a long night out.  You can use a simple, satin hair tie, and pull your hair all the way to the crown of your head. Wrap it with a satin head scarf.  Satin pillowcase is great for your hair but also for your skin.  These steps will prevent frizz, as well as decrease the amount of preparation required in the morning.

Happy Experimenting!


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